Creative, Streamlined Solutions to Empower Companies

Code Greene uses a unique lean planning process to work with companies to accomplish their goals. This process has helped start-ups to Fortune 500 companies achieve success by finding their true target market, developing tools to rise above the competition, and establish themselves in their own markets.

Leavitt Partners

Leavitt Partners is a health care intelligence business headquartered in Salt Lake City. We have helped Leavitt Partners through three website redesigns and numerous supporting websites. We’ve worked closely with their brand managers to help maintain the same look and feel across several initiatives. Each site reaches unique target markets and help expand the Leavitt Partners footprint. 

T3 Advisors

We worked with the talented designer, James Grady, who led the charge on the project. Design and development worked hand in hand over 16 weeks to create a system where T3 could test wireframes and provide weekly feedback. Front-end design and back-end development happened simultaneously to save time and improve collaboration. The site was built on a WordPress platform with WP engine and WordFence as a security solution. The CMS was customized to fit T3’s needs without overwhelming them with unnecessary features.

Building Brands

Innovate or die as they like to say. Building the right brand can really make a positive impact to those who come in contact with your company. Feelings, perceptions, and motivations change which means having a solid brand will help keep your business moving forward.  

Resell & Partner

We like to engage with all communities in order to form the best partnerships. Whether you’re building from scratch or migrating from an established presence, we’ll help make the transition be smooth. 


Our unique prototyping process has been used to develop thousands of projects. Our initial meetings focus on understanding the goals and objectives of your project. This helps us understand exactly what you want and helps you know exactly what you would be getting if you proceeded with us.