Creative, Streamlined Solutions to Change the World

Code Greene uses a unique lean planning and implementation process to take technologies to market. This process has helped start-ups to Fortune 500 companies achieve success by finding their way to market, we develop systems to rise above the competition, and establish themselves in their own markets.


Innovate or die as they like to say. We seek to find, help, and develop best of breed technologies come to market. The world changes by finding the right answers to the problems, and then painstakingly and meticulously executing to bring those technologies to market.

Resell & Partner

We like to engage with all communities in order to form the best partnerships. Whether you’re building from scratch or migrating from an established presence, we’ll help make the transition be smooth.


Our unique processes have been used to develop thousands of projects. We aim to find the right purpose and potential of ideas, products and companies. Once we know how it all fits together we go to work executing the strategy and game plan.